ISPM 15 standard for wood packaging material

The ISPM standard defines the requirements for handling and labelling of wood used in the international trade:

  • Wood packaging material has to be debarked
  • Timber or ready packaging material has to be treated and marked in accordance with the standard.
  • Kiln-drying, during which the temperature inside the timber has to be at least 56C for at least 30 minutes’ time
  • The treated packaging material has to be marked with the standard IPPC certification symbol, country code and manufacturer’s identification number, as well as the applied treatment code.

Our identification number in the mark holder register (Evira) is

Raw materials of a PEFC certified product come from forests, managed in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. PEFC is the world’s largest forest certification scheme. PEFC certification has been awarded to Oplax Mikkeli and Oplax requires a PEFC certification from its wood raw material suppliers.

Oplax is certified to manufacture CP pallets according to criteria defined by the Chemical and Polymer industries. CP standard focuses especially on environment, quality and safety issues. In addition to the chemical industry’s own needs, CP pallets also take into account the needs of customers.