Professionalism brought by experience

Professionalism brought by experience
We design customized disposable pallets and special pallets together with you. Thus, we make sure that the pallets, manufactured for you, meet your packaging, storage and logistics requirements and, if necessary, that of your customers. Our professional product design and sales staff is at your disposal and will help you to find the best available solution. Our long-term experience in pallet production for companies operating in various industries provides us with a solid background for developing new cost-effective pallet solutions also for you.

Consultation and technical design
Our design process starts with studying the requirements, set by the products to be packaged and the logistics chain. For example, we look into what products and product packages will be loaded to the pallet, how it will be handled and transported at different stages of the storage and shipment process, etc. Once this has been clarified, the pallets will be designed to match your and your customers’ needs. The design aims to take into account the entire logistics chain and the life cycle of the pallet.

Drawings and modelling
Before manufacturing your pallets or other products, we make technical drawings of them. Some products may require a model to be made and tested in different situations to make sure, that they will perform well in practice.