Pallets and crates

Oplax is known as an experienced and professional pallet manufacturer. For decades, our operations have been targeted at improving the reliability and profitability of our customers’ business in their packaging, storage and shipment operations. The pallets are designed and manufactured to match the intended use and the product to be packaged. It is a matter of honour for us to guarantee our customers fast and reliable deliveries.

Pallets made by Oplax are praised by customers for their high quality and durability. Our packaging solutions are mostly made of wood, which is in line with our vision of producing environmentally friendly products.

Professionalism based on experience

Oplax has been producing pallets since 2000. Our long-term experience in implementing pallet and crate solutions for companies, operating in various branches of industry, gives us a solid background for developing new cost-effective pallets tailored to your and your customers’ needs. Contact our sales staff. We’ll help you to find a reliable, functional and cost-effective solution for production, shipment and storage.

Storage service to save time and costs

Pallet storage requires a lot of space and investment. You can reduce your pallet inventory by outsourcing part of it to us. Together, we define your pallet needs and agree to store the amount of pallets, which you can rely on in your business. Thus, the pallet delivery time is minimized and the flow of goods to your customers works smoothly even during unforeseen demand peaks.

One of Finland’s largest pallet manufacturers

With seven automatic lines, we produce 1.6 million pallets a year. Our state-of-the-art high-speed automatic lines guarantee efficient production and fast reliable deliveries. Our customers are companies operating in the paper and board, food, construction, machinery, electronics, chemical and metal industries.