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Special pallets

Together with you, we design special pallets to meet your individual needs. In addition to the size and structure, we customize pallets to your wishes, for example with corner chamfers, colour and logo marks of your or your customer’s company. The pallets can be specially reinforced and equipped with elements that enable identification. Special pallets come in disposable or reusable options. Reusable pallets are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to be used inside your company or to serve as a part of a broader pallet system tailored for the entire logistics chain of your product deliveries. A reusable long-life pallet is a very cost-effective option throughout its whole lifecycle.

Special construction solutions, different from standard pallets, can facilitate packaging, pallet transfer and stacking. We work with you to make sure that the pallets are tailored to your needs and work in your own and your customers’ production and logistics exactly as you want them to. Reliable scheduled deliveries and our efficient production lay ground for the cohesion of your logistics chain and reliable deliveries to your own customers.

Close board pallets
In addition to open boarded pallets, our efficient automatic production line can manufacture customized close board pallets. If needed, a moisture-insulating film can be attached to the pallets on the production line. All close boarded and film-covered pallets are always designed together with you, so that their dimensions and other properties are tailored exactly to your company’s packaging and logistics needs. The largest users of our close boarded and coated pallets are the paper and board industry companies. By special order, we also produce small series of closed pallets from other raw materials, than timber, for example, from plywood.

CP pallets used by the chemical industry
We manufacture CP pallets for our customers in accordance with the standards defined by the chemical industry. In CP standard pallets, special attention is paid to quality, safety and environmental factors.

Certified raw material
We use timber, dried in accordance with the ISPM15 standard. Due to this, our pallets are IPPC-stamped and can be used for packaging of export goods. Our raw materials come from sustainably managed forests and are PEFC-certified.

Standard disposable pallets for immediate delivery from stock
If you need standard size disposable pallets, you can order a delivery directly from our warehouse. We always stock pallets of most popular sizes in several price and strength categories. Our most popular disposable pallets are half EUR pallets (800 x 600 mm), EUR pallets (800 x 1200 mm) and FIN pallets (1000 x 1200 mm).

Standard pallets quickly from the stock
EUR and Fin pallets are part of our stock selection, so we are able to deliver them very quickly and flexibly.

Automated production benefits the customer
Disposable pallets and standard pallets are manufactured on our efficient high-speed automated lines, which ensures consistent high quality and durability of our products. The use of automatic nailing and clinching of nails allows us to improve the strength of close board pallets considerably. The nailing of our disposable pallets is done in the same way as the nailing of our standard pallets and tested regularly according to the requirements.

More usability with pallet collars and lids
Pallet collars and lids increase the usability of pallets. Standard pallet collars and covers can be ordered directly from stock.