Storage pallets

We stock majority of the standard-sized pallets most commonly used in Finland, as well as appropriate collars and lids:

  • 800 x 1200 mm
  • 800 x 600 mm
  • 1000 x 1200 mm

 EUR and FIN pallets
When you need very durable pallets, you can choose a EUR and FIN pallet that meets strict strength and quality standards. The manufacturing permits for FIN and EUR pallets are issued and regularly supervised by authorities to make sure, that the pallets meet the set strength etc. requirements. Their recyclability also enhances environment protection aspects of your packaging and logistics solutions.

Lighter structured standard size pallets
We also stock a number of non-standard alternatives of the most common standard-sized pallets.

More usability with pallet collars and lids
Pallet collars and lids increase the usability of pallets. Standard pallet collars and covers can be ordered directly from our warehouse.

Certified raw material
We use timber, dried in accordance with the ISPM15 standard. Due to this, our pallets are IPPC-stamped and can be used for packaging of export goods. Our raw materials come from sustainably managed forests and are PEFC-certified.


Automated production benefits the customer
Disposable pallets and standard pallets are manufactured on our efficient high-speed automated lines, which ensures consistent high quality and durability of our products. The use of automatic nailing and clinching of nails allows us to improve the strength of close board pallets considerably. The nailing of our disposable pallets is done in the same way as the nailing of standard pallets and tested regularly according to the requirements.