Every year, 1.5 million pallets are manufactured in our two factories, which are located in Oulu and Tornio. Whether warehouse management, packaging and cardboard services or pallet packaging, the service we provide for our clients is all-inclusive.

In order for us to consistently be able to provide our clients with the best quality and the most cost efficient services in a very competitive market, we continuously develop our operations. The special requests and needs of each client are always taken into consideration, already during the planning stage of the collaboration.

Our team consists of 45 wood industry professionals. We also cooperate with a large number of subcontractors. The changing needs of our clients are always promptly responded to by our committed staff.

Our success is based on both our knowledgeable staff as well as our durable, high quality raw materials. In our manufacturing, we use high quality Nordic raw materials, of which 90 percent is purchased in Finland. The suppliers of the raw materials are the leading forest corporations in Europe.

Our most significant clients are the paper, chemistry, steel and concrete industry companies as well as the playground equipment industry situated in northern Finland.
Our growth rate has been consistent and at the moment we are one of the largest actors in our industry in Finland.


In March 2011, Oplax Oy was acquired by private investors. The new ownership structure provides Oplax with a competitive advantage and prospects of future expansion.